Unisyn Voting System

Below you can view states and counties in which the Unisyn equipment is available. For more information about Unisyn Voting Solutions, please click here.


Unisyn OCS Upload Only EMS License

  • OpenElect Central Suite (OCS) – software applied to our EMS Laptops to form our elections per county.
  • Services included with OCS are Ballot Layout Manager (BLM), Election Manager (EM), Election Server (ES), Tabulator Client (TC), Tabulator Reports (TR), and Tabulator.
  • Tabulation takes 10 seconds per Memory Stick.

OpenElect Voting Optical Scan (OVO)

  • Can accept an unlimited amount of ballot styles.
  • Equipment used to scan ballots quickly for elections.
  • Accepts written or electronic ballots from the OpenElect Voting Interface.

FreedomVote Tablet (FVT)

  • Self-contained voting device contains a touchscreen, barcode scanner, tethered keypad and a printer
  • Light-weight, compact, easy to setup and close down
  • Reduces the cost of pre-printed ballots by printing a paper ballot with just the push of a button


  • High speed processing of ballots.
  • Captures ballot images and extracts write-in images from ballots.
  • High levels of physical security and encryption.

EMS Laptop

  • Laptop used to upload OCS software for elections.
  • Used for ballot layout, tabulation and for election codes on the OpenElect Voting Optical Scan (OVO) and OpenElect Voting Interface (FVT)

Flash Drives

  • Flash drive filled with data specific to your county’s election.
  • These are placed into the USB port on the EMS Laptop for election coding and tabulation.
  • Tabulation takes 10 seconds per flash drive to upload results.


  • Labeled and wrapped by style and boxed by precinct
  • 11 x 17 of each style

Vote Center Kits

This red bag includes:

  • Signs and supplies such as official ballot return case seal
  • Election results return envelope
  • Voted ballots sign
  • Election official sign
  • Ballots with write-in’s sign
  • Handicap sign
  • Voter instructions sign
  • A no smoking sign

Precinct Kits

This green bag includes:

  • Affidavits
  • Official poll record
  • Official ballots
  • Narrative “How to” for OVO and FVT
  • Spoiled ballot envelopes to name a few


Annual Election Equipment Preparation

  • Clean, test and inspect equipment
  • Includes maintenance on each of the optical scan and touchscreen units

How to Vote Training

  • Onsite assistance informing the public about the Unisyn Voting Equipment
  • Educating the election Authority’s staff on standard Illinois voting procedures with the Unisyn Voting Equipment

Election Judge Training

  • Onsite training for Election Judges in preparation for Election Day
  • Teaching the basic machine functionality and paperwork pertaining to the election process

Lock and Load OS – per Election

  • Run blank, fully voted, over voted, write-in, and accuracy count tests for each ballot style
  • Test screen calibration

Lock and Load TS – per Federal Election

  • Run Logic and Accuracy test
  • Test screen calibration

Ballot on Demand Setup – per Election

  • Setup ballot files on EMS Laptop
  • Calibrate ballot printers

Ballot Coding – each Precinct per Election

  • Creation of ballot layout for each style

Ballot Audio – each Precinct per Election

  • Audio file creation for elections for all races, candidates, and public questions

Early Vote Center Setup – per Election

  • Test and setup early voting machines in Clerk’s office and off-site locations

Public Test – per Election

  • Perform retesting of 10% of the machines to be used on Election Day

Election Day – per Election

  • Personnel on site to assist in Election Day troubleshooting and Election Night tabulation and results posting

Post-Election Retab and Provisional – per Election

  • Perform a 5% audit of ballots voted on Election Day as well as Vote By Mail, Early Voting, and Grace Period Voting