“Excellent service – excellent and caring staff! VERY knowledgeable in the election field.”

Christie Webb, Tazewell County Clerk

“The customer service and attention to detail that Liberty Systems provides before, during, and after an election is invaluable.”

Josh Tanner, Macon County Clerk

“I observed the voters feeling much more comfortable with the touch screen and I feel that that had to do with the fact that it actually printed off a paper ballot to hold, review, and then to physically be able to cast their ballot, into the optical scan machine.”

Jody Fifer, Moultrie County Election Official

“The connection we felt right from the start was INCOMPARABLE to any other company we have worked with. We are so impressed with Liberty’s attention to detail in everything they accomplish for us and our future elections.”

Vici Otte, Stephenson County Clerk

“I am so excited to be going into this busy election season knowing that I have Liberty Systems as my partner.  While this is a new partnership, I feel like they are old friends.  Their customer service is second to none and I am in awe of the amount of work they do on my behalf.  They do everything within their power to make my job easier.  The whole staff goes above and beyond what is expected.”

Dana Nelson, Whiteside County Clerk

“Ken was the first person to reach out to me when I was first elected in November 2010, and knew nothing about elections.  He told me not to worry and that he would take care of everything.  So I took his word for it then; and to this day, I still don’t worry about elections because I know he and his most capable staff are there to take care of us.  Without any reservations, I would highly recommend Liberty Systems to anyone looking for an election vendor.  But they are much more than just an election vendor; I consider them all as my dear friends.”

Augie Griffin, Edgar County Clerk & Recorder

“Having a partner like Liberty Systems definitely gives you peace of mind when your time and resources are stretched to their limit.”

Josh Tanner, Macon County Clerk

“Liberty Systems doesn’t make you feel like a customer, they make you feel like family. That is their approach in every aspect of their service. As a new clerk, I feel confident going into every election because I know that my family at Liberty has my back! Thank you Ken, Paula, Neta, Alex, Anna, Russ, Jayme and Tim!”

Meg Sybert, Bond County Clerk and Recorder

“We had a number of first time voters, who had a great experience and a huge sense of accomplishment, using the new machine with ease and confidence. And just having one machine was nice too, as it opened up our space and gave us more room to accommodate our voters with walkers, and the voters in wheelchairs.”

Jody Fifer, Moultrie County Election Official

“Liberty Systems employees have a depth of knowledge and experience that truly supports your election operation.”

Josh Tanner, Macon County Clerk

“Great company and great folks. They go above and beyond.”

Carrie Downey, Clark County Clerk

“Liberty Systems LLC goes far beyond what I would hope to find in an election vendor! They meet all my expectations for knowledge, quality, and service; and then exceed that! The best part about this top notch group, that somehow ended up feeling more like friends, is the customer service and the way they deal with EVERYTHING “hands on”! Reliability…and more importantly, quick response time, is what gets me through any process they are involved with. As a new clerk, an election can cause high anxiety levels…but I can honestly say that Ken and his amazing staff have never left me on my own. I am proud to call Liberty Systems LLC my election vendor!”

Julie Coe, Coles County Clerk and Recorder

“We don’t look at Liberty as a vendor, we consider them good friends and part of our family.”

Jessica Fox, Shelby County Clerk

“Love the folks at Liberty! They are the whole package — knowledgeable, prompt, and great service, always looking for ways to make us more accessible to the public! Very proactive with addressing the ever evolving election code here in Illinois.”

Laurie Mense, Christian County Clerk & Recorder

“The new voting machines we used for this past election were so must faster to close down. This was mainly due to the fact that all the paper ballots and touch screen ballots were processed on one machine. That simple change made a big time difference in the process.”

Jody Fifer, Moultrie County Election Official

“I think the New voting system is very user friendly for the older voters that are “technologically challenged” and for the younger “techy” voters. I like that it prints out the ballot so that people can actually see the votes they cast. And they can see after they place their ballots in the counting bin that each vote is actually counted. Overall it is a very easy system to use and cuts down on time spent closing the polls. Thank you for considering my thoughts and opinions.”

Peggy Sims, Moultrie County

“We have been through two elections with the Unisyn OVO and OVI equipment, and are thoroughly satisfied with their performance.  Voters using the OVI appreciated the print out of their ballot, being able to review that ballot and then depositing it in the OVO tabulator.  Election Judges fell in love with the ease of the equipment, especially at the end of the night when it was time to close down and run reports.  Having just the one machine to close down cut the processing time in half.  The separate report for Write-in candidates eliminated confusion that Judges were having with our older equipment.  The Write-In Report shows an actual image of how the Voter voted.  If a County was thinking of updating their voting equipment, I would highly recommend the Unisyn OVO and OVI.  As a side note, you can never go wrong with Liberty Systems!”

Georgia England, Moultie County Clerk

About Us

Liberty Systems provides election software and support throughout counties in the State of Illinois. Our company has teamed up exclusively with Unisyn Voting Solutions to provide the most efficient voting equipment on the market.

Why choose us? We understand Illinois elections and work every day making sure our solutions meet the changing Illinois law requirements. We provide proven and successful election solutions to jurisdictions as small as 8 precincts and as large as 750 precincts. Liberty Systems can provide a turnkey solution or allow you to control the process and choose the services to fit your needs. This allows you to control both your costs and delivery timelines. Regardless how you choose to run your election, we are always here to help.

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